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Vega Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement (VEGAFLEX 80 SERIES)

Introducing the VEGAFLEX Series 80 TDR sensors.

VEGAFLEX series 80 includes four instrument types optimized for your measuring tasks:

  VEGAFLEX 81 – The universal sensor for liquids
  VEGAFLEX 82 – The robust sensor for bulk solids
  VEGAFLEX 83 – For foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and aggressive media
  VEGAFLEX 86 – For high pressure and high temperatures

Clearly divided into specific areas of application, the TDR sensors allow simple and thus reliable instrument selection. The versatile TDR sensors can handle almost any kind of level or interface measuring task. Specify your measurement application, select the appropriate TDR sensor and then decide whether to use the sensor for level or interface measurement via a simple switching function. The TDR sensors are configured for your respective measuring task already at the factory.

You’ll quickly become familiar with the simple, standardized operation of the TDR sensors.


VEGAFLEX 81 really demonstrates its prowess in liquids. Whether for small or large measuring ranges: guided level radar meets all requirements when it comes to accuracy and repeatability. VEGAFLEX 81 measures reliably, and is durable and maintenance friendly. For applications in hazardous or toxic media the guided wave radar level sensors can be equipped with a gas-tight feedthrough. A special version for refrigerants, such as ammonia, extends the application spectrum even further.


Powdered or granular solids can be found in almost every industry. VEGAFLEX 82 guided level radar measures reliably: in media with small dielectric constant, in large measuring ranges, during pneumatic filling, with high tensile forces and buildup on the probe, under conditions of dust and condensate generation in metal and concrete silos.


In the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products the requirements on sterility and precision are extremely high. The VEGAFLEX 83 guided wave radar level sensor is available with electro-polished stainless steel housing, which allows the instrument to be cleaned from the outside with steam (IP 69K). The guided wave radar level sensor with bare rod probe combines all food and Ex approvals in one instrument.

The sensor is also ideal for special applications where the entire container is autoclaved: the housing component can be removed in a few easy steps – the probe stays in the container, which remains closed. An elegant, simple solution.


The VEGAFLEX 86 guided wave radar level sensor is independent of media properties such as density, dielectric constant, process temperature and pressure. Whether as a rod or cable version, the guided level radar can be easily adapted to local conditions. Especially in the difficult measuring conditions of saturated steam, automatic runtime correction with reference signal ensures measurement certainty. VEGAFLEX 86 is equipped with a gas-tight feedthrough (Second Line of Defense).

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